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Silver Metallic Finish/Furniture

I found a great dining room table I love, it has a metallic finish/glaze making the wood beneath still visible.  I found a dining table  exactly like the one with the metallic finish, except it is plain wood, it has the look of heavy railroad ties with lots of cracks and character.  How can I get a metallic finish on the table while still exposing some of the wood/character of the table?



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Posted 2012-07-02T15:50:58+0000  by Digby72 Digby72

Hello Digby!


Martha Living Metallic Glaze sounds like the perfect solution for your project. (See attached photos at bottom)


Here are the steps:


1) Apply a coat of Polycrylic water-based polyurethane in a satin finish and allow it to dry;

2) If the first coat absorbs completely into the wood, apply a second coat and allow it to dry;

3) Blend one-part of ML Mercury Satin Metallic Glaze with four-parts of her Faux Glaze;

4) Brush a medium thick coat of your glaze mixture over the clear coated surface of your wood;

5) Glaze dries in about thirty-minutes. After twenty minutes, use cheese cloth to wipe off the excess glaze;

6) The remaining glaze will dry to a translucent metallic silver coating that will allow the wood to show through;

7) If you need more glaze to match the other table, go back through steps 4, 5 and 6 to thicken and darken the coverage; and

8) If you prefer to add clear coat to protect the surface, use one or more coats of the same Polycrylic satin finish.


NOTE: I typically recommend completing a test to establish a consistent glaze wipe-off time to use throughout the project. This step will take a bit more time, but will also help you establish how thick to apply the first and subsequent coats of glaze to repeat the appearance of the other table.


Here is a link to another post that demonstrates faux finishing techniques.

Posted 2012-07-03T12:46:47+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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