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Simpson Insulating Sheathing

I just pulled back some wood paneling from my wall and found that it has Simpson Insulating Sheathing behind it.  Behind that, there are studs, but doesnt appear to be any regular insulation.  My MAIN question is whether or not this brand/type of insulating sheathing contains asbestos.  I cant seem to find ANYTHING online.  

My follow up question would be, can I drywall over the sheathing if I use long enough drywall nails?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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Posted 2016-11-19T04:15:20+0000  by Skeletor11 Skeletor11
Also, this insulating sheathing says it is IBI rated R 1.32, I cant seem to find what exactly R value that correlates to.  Any thoughts?
Posted 2016-11-19T05:07:04+0000  by Skeletor11
I have no idea if the Simpson board contains asbestos, maybe you could contact Simpson directly?  Or send a piece out for analysis.

As for R value, the bigger the number the greater the R value.  I think you're saying that the board has an R value of 1.32, which is pretty low.   Heck, it's close to nothing.  Fiberglass insulation used in a ordinary 2x4 framed wall has an R value of 15.

If it's what I think it is, that product is usually used as exterior sheathing and would add a small R value to a properly insulated wall.
Posted 2016-11-20T00:08:15+0000  by Adam444
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