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Sink faucet will not move left or right

Installed a brand new kitchen faucet with pull out sprayer a few months ago. Now it won't move (from one side of the sink to the other). I have tried spray lubricant around the base of the faucet but it is still stuck. How do I get it unstuck?

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Posted 2011-01-01T00:14:43+0000  by davis davis

Hey there Davis. I have to say it's always an odd situation when things radomly up and stop working. I have run into this a few times in the store though and you'd be surprised at some of the causes. So here's a few things to check, and I'm sure some of the other community members can add to the list.


  1. Check for small debris caught in the base washer. I once had a customer swear her faucet was defective only to find that over the course of cleaning it she had gotten paper towel residue gummed into the base.
  2. Has the mounting nut/ring/bracket been over tightened
  3. I have also seen times where the hose running through the faucet has wedged itself into an weird spot. On most pull-outs whether they rotate from the base(plate) or mid neck that rotation carries through and down with the hose. So over time the turning of the neck could cause the hose to catch, and prevent the neck from turning.


  • #1 refers to the area of the deck plate or single post ring (no deck plate used)
  • #2 mounting nut/ring/bracket located under the sink
  • #3 pull-out hose accessible from under the sink 
If you troubleshoot these items and the problem persist please be sure and get back to us. Remember feel free to post pictures (every bit helps). I hope you find this helpful in some way and welcome to the community.


Posted 2011-01-03T13:30:17+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Help me choose a kitchen faucet: Moen or Price Pfister, assuming choice of style avail from both. Thanks, Glen

Posted 2011-02-07T02:13:55+0000  by Glen
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