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Sitting Pretty In Pink & Green: Attic Insulation

 As the temperatures go down, the energy bills tend to go up.  Adding insulation to your attic can be a weekend project that will save you money for years.  In fact, up to 65% of American homes are under insulated.  Owens Corning has made it easy for you to do it yourself.


 attic stair insulation.jpg



First, click here to find out how much insulation you need in your home.  The Department of Energy has recommendations for your area based upon your zip code.  Enter the size of your attic and how much insulation you currently have (if any).  Select your preferred type of insulation (batts/rolls or loosefill) and whether your ceiling joists are spaced 16” or24” on center.  The computer will do the rest!


The attic insulation calculator will tell you the recommended R-Value (this is the measure of an insulation's resistance to heat flow).  The chart will detail how many packages of insulation you need to obtain the recommended energy efficiency for your home.  The checklist makes it easy to remember the recommended products for your part of the country.  Additional related products, such as a stapler, work gloves, tape measure, utility knife, safety glasses, dust mask, and insulation hangers, will be added as reminders on your Project Checklist.  Finally, you can enter your zip code to find the store nearest to you.


This video shows you the proper and safe techniques for installing attic insulation.  Remember to wear old clothes and cover your arms and legs.


You may be able to save even more money with the Federal Energy Tax Credit.  Click here to learn more about the credit and download the manufacturer’s certification.  (The Tax Credit ends December 31, 2010, so don’t procrastinate!)


This is the weekend for some attic TLC.  Bring down the holiday decorations, take up the insulation, and save some money!


Please tell me how your insulation projects are coming along - and send your photos - because we love to see finished projects.


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