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Sizing Garage Door Extension Springs

We have a 8' by 6'6" metal uninsulated garage door that we open manually with a broken extension spring. The original spring had a gold end which seems to indicate that it's an 80 pound spring. Overhead Door Corporation can order a single replacement spring for about $20 without safety cable and get it in about two weeks.


Our local Home Depot has a set of two Everbilt 70 pound springs (orange) on sale for $12.06 with safety cables. The next size Home Depot carries is rated at 90 pounds. DASMA Technical data Sheet #171 states that gold is for an 80 pound door and orange is for a 70 pound door. The length of the coils on the original spring are only about 3/8" longer than on the 70 pound spring. The diameter of the original spring is about 1 1/16" and the diameter of the 70 pound spring is about 15/16".


It would seem that replacing both of the original 80 pound springs with 70 pound springs would just result in a door that is slightly more difficult to open, but that would close more securely. Is there anything else I should consider before installing the 70 pound springs?


Thank you.

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Posted 2013-10-17T20:30:44+0000  by Hjelle1 Hjelle1

Hello Hjelle1 and welcome to the community!


Here what I recommend, first get a scale, the kind you stand on to weigh yourself, place it under the door like in the picture below. For example, if the scale shows 80ilbs then get two 80lbs springs, do not risk injury to yourself or possibly damaging your garage door with the wrong weight spring. 



garage door weight.jpg

Posted 2013-10-17T21:14:00+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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