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Skate ramp

                                                                                             Skate Ramp Project


Just recently picked up a nice fall project to keep me busy before winter.  My friends and I decided to take on building a skateboard ramp.  We had one side of the ramp already finished, but the other side was needing some love.  As well as a flat middle piece to connect the two ends to create a Mini Half Pipe. 




  • 18v Impact
  • 18v Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Chalk line
  • Pencil



We started with the frame of the unfinished quarter pipe.  Each ramp is 4ft high, 8feet wide for material reason this works out best.  The ramp is framed with ¾ plywood to make up the sides.  Its reinforced with 2x4 bracing.  For the curved part of the ramp, the 2x4 add strength and stability, and also act as a nailing point when you fasten the wood down.



We decided to go with ¼ in plywood since its easy to bend and work with.  We used an impact with 1 5/8 gold screws to help hold it down.  Since its ¼ in we doubled it up to add strength to it.  Since the ramps are 8ft wide, 4  4x8 ¼ plywood were added with no cuts.  We snapped a couple chalk lines across to make sure the screws went into the 2x4 under them.



After both layers of plywood have been added its time to add the Masonite.  Since this is very flexible its easy to work with.  Using the same 1/5/8 gold screws, we attached the Masonite with plenty of screws.  These were all set flush with the Masonite for no bumps or lumps.  We snapped another set of chalk lines on the Masonite to help us find the 2x4 bracing. 



Once the Masonite is all screwed down the 2 ends are complete.  We attached the metal rail (coping) to the top. We drilled under the back side of the ramp with 1 ½ metal tapping screws to hold the rail in place. 


Now we needed to finish the flat section that will go in between the 2 ramps.  This was a simple 8x8 box.  We framed it with 2x4 pine and added plenty of bracing to the inside.  After about 5 or 6 2x4 were added to the frame we covered it with ½ plywood.  This will help keep things level with the rest of the pieces.  We also topped it with another 2 sheets of masointe.




Due to the time of year we didn't’t have time to attach all 3 pieces… Pictures to come!!!

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