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Slab doors

Im interested in replacing three of my interior slab doors with new ones. The problem im having is my current doors measuse 20-in x80-in, 27 and 13/16-in x80-in, and lastly 29 and 13/16-in x80-in.
My first problem is finding a 20-in slab door because this is not a standard size. Secondly my other two doors are very close to standard sizes but are 3/16 short of the 28-in or 30-in for the standard size doors. Im guessing i will have to special order the 20-in one, but i was wondering if i buy the 28-in and 30-in doors will they work with my door frames now? And if now what must i do to fix the problem with spending the least amount of money and time possible?
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Posted 2016-12-21T19:43:32+0000  by AndrewStiteler AndrewStiteler
The 20" door, assuming it's available in a style you want, is definitely going to be a special order.  As for the sizes of your other two doors, most doors are beveled (by about 3°) on the latch side so they don't bind as the door closes.  I think if you measure both sides of the door, you'll find one is slightly larger than the other and probably closer to the nominal size.  If that isn't the case, you'll still need to bevel the replacements, so just make the size adjustment when you trim them.  This presumes the doors fit properly in their frames now.

When you get your new slabs, we can talk about the best way to lay out the mortises for the hinges.
Posted 2016-12-21T20:43:13+0000  by Adam444
Hello AndrewStiteler, and welcome to the Community!

Most stores carry 24", 28", 30", 32" & 36" slab doors in stock, some stores also carry 18" doors as well. These are exactly that width and all of the heights are 80" high. So a 20" wide door would be a special order, depending which vendor the store orders from, it can take 2-4 weeks, the price will vary by vendor and the region the store is located.

On your 27-13/16" wide door, you would need to measure the opening width in 3 places to confirm that a 28" wide door would fit. You don't want it to be too tight, keep in mind you still need to finish it with either paint or polyurethane. Leaving 1/8" to 3/16" is good for expansion and the added finish. Keep in mind that you still need to drill the holes for the handle-set and chisel out for the hinges.



Posted 2016-12-22T13:41:45+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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