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Sliding Glass door removal

My daughter put a puzzle piece (or something) in between the stationary door and the sliding door.  It's too small to see but I think it's stuck on the track somewhere.  We can't close the door.  There must be a way to pop the door off the track so we can remove the toy and then pop the door back on - but we can't figure it out.  Any help would be appreciated!!



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Posted 2013-01-11T02:17:08+0000  by emlomoo emlomoo




Without actually seeing the door, I can only offer a few suggestions. The moveable door is always put in last when the door is installed.They always require that they be lifted somewhat for the rollers to swing onto the track. Some swing to the outside, some to the inside. There is always some device to prevent the door from being swung out by burglars. This device, often a metal L-bracket which prevents outward swing, is usually accessable when the door is slightly open. Once the device is determined and removed, the door should be able to be lifted and swung in or out, as the case might be. Sometimes the door will not be able to be lifted enough to clear the track. In this case, there are normally adjustment screws which retract the rollers to give more clearance.


Hope this is of help.

Posted 2013-01-11T03:20:27+0000  by ordjen
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