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Snow Blowers

It’s that time of the year where the seasons start to change.  If you’re in a place that gets snow that means it’s time to get the snow blower out of storage.  Now is the time to start to prepareing   your snow blower for winter.  It’s a good idea to start it up and get it running so you’re not stuck when the first snowfall happens.  A simple tune-up is one of the easiest things to do to ensure your snow blower works this winter. 




Spark plug, Oil, Air Filter, Belt


These are the major components of a tune up.  These few items will help your snow blower keep running through the heaviest of snows. 



If you’re in the market for a new snow blower there are plenty of choices to choose from.  Depending on how big of an area you have will depend on what type of snow blower to get.

For a single to a 2 car driveway the best way to go is a single stage snow blower.  These are usually smaller and have  18-21” front openings.  They come in 4-cycle and 2-cycle, some extra features include electric start for easy convenience.  There are many brands to choose from in this style. 

 single stage.jpg

Two stage snow throwers are good for larger and wider driveways.  These will take care of  4-6 car wide and long drive way with ease.   This snow thrower has 6 forward gears and 2 reverse to help get the job done faster.  It comes with metal augers in the front to tackle any size snowstorm.  Some models have a light in the front for easy viewing and heated grips to help keep your hands warm.  Electric start comes standard on these for easy starting.  The motor is a 4-cycle so no mixing of gas and oil is required.  They come in sizes starting at 20”and going up to 30”.  All models are available on our snow blower page on


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