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Snow blowers: Gas vs. Electric

Here's a question about snow blowers from a Home Depot Blog reader. 


Andrew writes:


I am in the market for a snow blower and am interested in the differences between the electric and gasoline models. I was given a gasoline model which now fails to start after two years of use, even though I believe I maintained it properly, hence my interest in electric models.


I live in the Northeast with occassionally significant snowfalls of 12+ inches. Could you point me to more information about electric models so I can find out if they are up to the job of handling New England winters?



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Posted 2014-01-23T15:16:28+0000  by HomeDepotCraig HomeDepotCraig

Hey Andrew. 


New England certainly is known for its incredible snow accumulations. There are advantages to both electric and gas snow blowers.


Electric snow blowers are better equipped for areas known for their 4 inch accumulations or less. Gas snow blowers can handle 12+ inch accumulations with ease. This is why I think gas would certainly be the best option for you.


Because snow blowers sit for long periods of time' you have to be sure to drain out all the fuel when you are done using it or put ethanol shield in the fuel to neutralize the devastating effects that ethanol has on fuel lines and carburetors. With winter snow storms, comes power outages, therefore your electric snow blower would be rendered useless. That's just one thing to think about with electrics.


For the absolute best information on electric show blowers, CLICK HERE and read the customer reviews on each snow blower. These people are your friends and neighbors who bought these snow blowers and they will tell every little detail of each one. There is no better place to learn, than from the horses mouth. 

Posted 2014-01-23T16:30:45+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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