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So just what is in Ultra paint?


I recently ran across this extract from Behr's patent application for Ultra:


"...(The) invention comprises at least two binders, nano particle pigment, and pigmentary titanium dioxide.

In one embodiment, the present invention relates to a coating on a substrate wherein the coating has two binders, nano particle metal oxide pigment, and pigmentary titianium dioxide. Various additives may be included to formulate paint as known in the art."


I found it interesting that the 2nd metalic oxide, which is in a nano state, is not named. It is also describe as a "pigment", even though, as I understand it, nano sized particles are not visible to light due to their size. Mercedes is using nano particle clear coat finishes on its cars because if forms such a hard coating and obviously is clear.


I would dearly love to talk to one of Behr's chemists! Do the nano particles merely fortify the integrity of the paint film, or does it somehow also contribute to Ultra's excellent coverage? Just curious. One way the other, it is a great product!

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Posted 2012-02-05T06:34:25+0000  by ordjen ordjen

I agree!


   I have used many paints throughout the years and I can honestly say that the ULTRA is really like a whole new coating product.  I am still discovering new applications  to use this product with (some not mentioned by BEHR :smileywink:) and am amazed at how behind the times the other big named manufacturers seem to be.


   I think that the metal oxide's are what attribute to the hardness and wear resistant quality the paint has.  I know that the "hiding" ability is much like that of Benjamin Moore's Aura. I have found that some professional contractors still resist trying out the product (for what ever reasons).  I am so confident in this product that I almost want to put out a challenge to all the "set in their ways" painters to think outside the box and give it a try.

Posted 2012-02-05T16:00:16+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL




As a long time painting contractor, I know the resistance to change of which you speak. Over the years, I used mostly Benjamin Moore's products, mainly because customers want to see that "big name" national brand. Also, you get comfortable with a product because you know its idiosyncracies. Quite frankly, price alone was not my primary concern. In the typical contract for existing residential  housing, materials was less than 10% of the contract price. The fact that Behr can undercut the majors pricewise is a bonus in addition to its quality.


I contribute frequently on the This Old House Forum and can say that Behr has a reputation of being "big box", homeowner , lesser quality paint. When questioned, the person's making those remarks usually admit that they have not used it in years, or are just relating anecdotal remarks from others. They either have never seen the Consumer's Report ratings or choose to ignor them.


Today's Behr is not the Behr of years past. Quite frankly, about 15 years ago I had a customer request that I use Behr paint. I was thoroughly unimpressed back then. However, in the last  few years, I have used Behr paints on both the interior and exterior of my home and have been extremely satisfied with the results. Had I just accepted my past poor experience, I would not have changed.


Posted 2012-02-05T17:43:00+0000  by ordjen
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