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So you want to stockpile up on incandescent bulbs....

Hello community,


aboveaveragejoe here today to talk about a subject straight from the light bulb aisle.....


While the lighting industry has made some amazing changes the past decade or so with improving the type, kind, and life of light bulbs out there, some folks still like the plain jane incandescent light bulb. I'm glad of the change, and I bought compact fluorescent bulbs when we started carrying them years ago, and my electric bill has seen a decrease since then. But with new government regulations stipulating the retail industry needs all incandescent bulbs off the shelves by 2014, that group of people still want their old light bulbs!

incandescent bulb.JPG


No two ways about it, I've spoken to many customers and there still is a small but vocal group who want to stockpile (remember Y2K?) up on incandescent light bulbs. the video below I'm going to show you the best light bulbs that we, as well as any retailer sells when it comes to incandescent bulbs, the 130V Maintenance Light Bulb. 


130v Incandescent Bulbs Video.PNG


The great thing about 130V style bulbs is not only are they longer lasting than standard incandescent bulbs, but they are available in various sizes as well. Even though you may not need 24 light bulbs now, stockpiling these little guys will ensure you will have a good supply of efficient light bulbs that are still incandescent. Here are some samples below you can see for yourself to decide which bulbs you want to have when 2014 arrives...

Feit Electric 60-Watt A19 Clear Incandescent Light Bulb.JPG

Feit Electric 65 Watt BR30 Reflector Flood Incandescent Light Bulb.JPG

Feit Electric 40-Watt Clear Chandelier Flame-Tip Incandescent Light Bulbs.JPG

Of course, there are many more shapes and wattages available online, or in your local store. 


Hope this lights up your day!


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Posted 2012-01-14T23:02:15+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL