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Sofa needs support

I have been getting complaints from my boyfriend that my couch is horrible and I need to place plywood under the cushions to elevate and firm the entire feel of the couch. My issue is my boyfriend and I are bigger than average (over 6'4"each) and not skinny. What would be the recommended plywood (thickness, species etc)? I want to make sure it will hold the both of us and distribute our weight.

Also I am trying to do this myself as a Christmas present for him (since he want do it). 

Everything else associated with this project I know I can execute with confidence.

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Posted 2016-11-30T22:38:27+0000  by Rasheida Rasheida
Hello Rasheida and welcome to the Community.

I would suggest
23/32 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. BC Sanded Pine Plywood.  Because  I have no Idea about the structure of your sofa, recommend that you remove the cushions and try and determine if you can install the Plywood to the frame.  You also may consider trying to construct a center support as well. Take measurements to determine the size of the plywood you will need and a Home Depot Lumber Associate would be happy to cut it down to your specifications.

More specifics about the structure of your sofa would allow us to give more directions.

It would be great if you let us know how it turns out.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Posted 2016-12-01T14:41:51+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Hello Rasheida, and welcome to the community!

This sounds like a fun project and make a nice Christmas present. Measure the area of the couch where the cushions normally sit, both length and depth. Subtract 3 inches from each measurement and write down those dimensions. The thickness of the plywood should be 1/4-inch and cut it out with a circular saw or have Home Depot cut it for you File the corners and edges of the plywood to round them and avoid sharp areas that might cut or snag onto the upholstery of the couch.

You can wrap the plywood with foam rubber then of cloth to finish it off, using a stapler to affix the material to the plywood. Let us know how it goes and post pictures.

Posted 2016-12-01T15:02:13+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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