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Can I pressure wash soffet

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Posted 2013-06-05T18:39:23+0000  by bone5001 bone5001

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You can pressure wash your soffit, but there are a few things to be aware of. If you have vents in your soffit, you will want to make sure you do not get water in them. If you do, water will get inside and ruin the fiberglass. It is highly recommened that you use the pressure washer on the low setting, sometimes known as the "Cleaning" setting. Using a general house cleaner should get up any undesirable dirt and grime that is on your soffits.


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Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-06-05T19:47:11+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL




Speaking as one who has washed literally hundreds of homes prior to painting,  I offer the following:


Cleaning of the soffit and the first few boards of siding under them, are the most important areas to be washed on the house! These areas never receive natural rain washings and therefore are prone to field dust , polutants and natural occuring salts, not to mention peeling paint and old wasp and bird  nests. To this extent, a vigorous power washing with a strong stream of water IS advisable.


If your soffits are boxed in with flat sheathing, there is no insulation behind them to get wet. Insulation only starts  at the interior wall/ceiling structure. Further, the vents are covered with some fashion of metal  louvers. Even a direct hit would only allow a little water to enter.  Do try not to aim into the louver openings. Also, a typical power washer for home use is putting out less than 3 gallons of water per minute. A quick pass with the wand is not going to deluge the soffit. Even unboxed eaves with drilled vent holes would allow minimal water to enter, where it would rapidly dry due to the venting.


This ol' contractor power washes his home at least every other year and gives special attention to the eaves and soffits.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-06-07T03:12:58+0000  by ordjen
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