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Sound proofing

Moving into a mobile home & my husband has a pool table he plays  constantly preventing me from sleeping. I've tried many different types of ear plugs to no avail. Is there a way to sound proof my room?
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Posted 2015-03-13T16:19:38+0000  by Gina1561 Gina1561

Hi Gina1561,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

To truly sound proof your room in an effective manner, you'd need to install soundproofing materials like panels and insulation...which can mean a broad variety of materials.

Depending on your budget and where the noise travels through the walls/room will determine what you can use. Since the choices are numerous, ultimately choose

If you've already moved into the mobile home, and you know where the noisy areas are in the room where you are sleeping, you can then plan out the materials you can use. 

A few inexpensive and quick things can help to reduce the amount of noise coming through, not limited to:

  • installing a door bottom with soundproofing features
  • placing Foamular panels in the rooms
  • noise deadening headphones

Again, if you have any additional thoughts, please let me know...since you can go with varying options. The absolute best way is to build a new wall to leave air between the old, but of course, this can be more elaborate than the previous options I stated.

Let me know what choices you'd like to pursue, and we can go from there with a solution.


Posted 2015-03-14T13:58:55+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Hi Gina1561!

The Community has always been about finding solutions that work.

Yet, I'm not certain that building sound barriers is among the best solutions for you.

The words "White Noise" may lead to the most direct way toward solving your sound problem.

Joe refers to, "noise deadening headphones" ... a really great idea.

Rather than trying to construct sound barriers around your home, try searching "White Noise" on Google.

You'll very likely find several much less expensive, simple solutions that require no construction at all.
Posted 2015-03-17T18:48:45+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Sound is insidious. If air can get through an opening, so can sound! You will want to treat your bedroom door almost as if it were an exterior door, weatherstripped against air infiltration. A solid core door is also more effective against sound than the paper thin hollow core doors.

Unfortunately, true sound deadening requires considerable expense and mess.
Posted 2015-04-02T01:26:45+0000  by ordjen
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