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Sound studio In My bedroom???

I want to build a sound studio in one of my houses spare rooms. Its an empty room with lots of potental, Using the home depo website for materials. what would be the best way to start soundproofing the room???? Any ideas or experience would be great!

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Posted 2013-03-26T22:27:49+0000  by Paolo Paolo

Hi Paolo,


When it comes to soundproofing there are number of different options available. It all really depends on how SOUNDPROOF you want this room to be.


Personally, for “normal” use, one that I find to be economical and effective is using the Safe’N’Sound Roxul insulation in combination with 5/8” drywall.


Even more cost effective is to use standard unfaced fiberglass instead of Roxul…

Before we get started - What is your goal?



Posted 2013-04-02T14:46:50+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Thanks for your help,


       My goal is to make it as sound proof as possible so i Can basicly turn the room into a recording studio. I didnt even consider replacing the insulation so thats a big help. Iv seen that they have studio foam online for padding the inside walls

Posted 2013-04-15T23:50:14+0000  by Paolo

Purchase some sheetblock material.  Cover the outside of your existing sheetrock.  You can alson purchase spacers and install a second layer of sheetrock running perpindicular to the existing sheetrock.  The spacers provide airspace between the layers of sheetrock effectively trapping soundwaves and help minimize the transfer of sound.  Use of Doubleor Triple pain glass in windows will help with wave transmision.  The only way to fully soundproof a room is to start from the ground up but these steps will definately give you an advantage. If you want to go one step further, the use of high r rated insulation in the walls will help. 


Dont forget the room itself.  A soundproof room in the studio is useless if you dont address the acoustics of the room itself.  Try to keep hard surfaces directly across from each other at a minimum.  You can make your own fiberboard absorbtion panels from insulated fibreboard, tweed and add a wood frame.  They are very effective and look nice.  If you are into the DIY thing, you can make your own space couplers, reflection walls, and bass traps as well.


You can go to and fill out a room analysis worksheet and they will let you know what you need to tame the acoustics in your room dependent on its use.  They also have a very comprehensive acoustics 101 you should really take time to read.


Good Luck!

Posted 2013-04-19T05:07:13+0000  by jdhkeys
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