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Soundproof for a small conference room


A small conference room in my office needs to improve soundproofing issue. The room' size is 140 inches*120 inches*107 inches. All walls are thin( 5.25 inch). One of wall is glass. Therefore, the soundproof is very bad. People outside the room can hear the voice inside the room clearly, even the door is close. 

We need some soundproofing material to solve this problem. Any recommendation? Is any material won't hurt the walls too much? We don't want to destroy any thing.  

Please give us some good options. Thank you so much!!!
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Posted 2015-08-19T22:06:29+0000  by YiWen YiWen

Hello YiWen and welcome to the community.


The following are some suggestions to help you chooses your course of action.

If your door has a hollow core, if possible replace it with a solid core door.  One of the first tips to soundproofing a room is to make sure that doors are properly and totally sealed. Sound can slip through crevices beneath doorways. Installing a door sweep is relatively cheap and easy to do, and will stop sound from escaping and intruding from underneath the door.


On the glass wall you could installing Curtains.  One type is the National Sleep Foundation Room Darkening River Polyester Curtain Panels.  The Thermaback technology applied to the curtain fabric blocks penetrating light and reduces unwanted noise. These curtains are available in six colors and four lengths.  They can be opened closed per your needs.


For the other walls you have a variety of acoustical options.  A few examples are to add art as well as function, by hang tapestries, quilt or light weight rug.  Also there are acoustical panels designed specifically to deflect and absorb sound.


Control the transmission of sound by installing sound-deadening duct wrap to quiets noisy ducts. Cover your registers with magnetic covers.

Another step you can take is to cover the floor with sound absorbing materials like carpeting.


Each type of material you choose will require different types of installation.  Keep in mind that if you need to create holes in your drywall it can easily be patch and painted at a later time.


The above suggestions are some sound damping measures.  To actually SOUNDPROOF a room, like for a home theater room or a musical practice and recording can be done but it can be very costly.  It would also require a great deal more renovation to your current space.


If you would like to discuss this further I would enjoy hearing back from you. Send me a note if you need specifics how to install materials you may choose.

Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2015-08-20T16:55:10+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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