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Spar Urethane

Although thinking this would be a common question. After some research I still have not found an answer. I have a piece of birch plywood that I have sanded and plan to paint over then would like to seal it to help protect it from the elements as it will be used indoors and outdoors. After a visit to my local home Depot I was told/purchased KILZ premium (water-based) as a primer and base sealer for the wood, since it is not pressure treated. Then I would like to paint over it. They referred me to use/purchase (which I did) Mini wax pro series spar urethane (water-based clear semi-gloss). I have not applied anything to the wood yet. But after reading the back of the spar urethane it says "step 1: Surface must be dry and free of paint,wax,grease,polish,old finishes in poor condition or any other foreign matter".  So now my question is... seeing as how the Spar Urethane says that the surface must be free of paint. Can I still paint the surface then use the Spar Urethane over it? Or was I told wrong by the "paint specialist" at home depot? And if I can paint the wood and use the Spar Urethane, will it still work correctly since there is paint on the surface as it calls for the surface to be free of paint etc...
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Posted 2016-10-11T06:53:16+0000  by Fpvfd Fpvfd
There's really no need to use a urethane over the paint.  Just think about the millions of homes that have painted trim or siding and none of those have anything but paint.  Just prime and paint with a couple coats of a good quality exterior paint and you'll be fine.

I would point out that birch plywood probably isn't the best choice for an exterior application.  It would be fine for outdoors assuming it's kept dry but if you plan on leaving it outdoors, then you should use a exterior grade of plywood.  An excellent product to use is something called "MDO" (medium density overlay)  It's an exterior plywood that has a special paper like surface that is smooth and takes paint very well.  It is often used for outdoor signs.
Posted 2016-10-11T08:25:48+0000  by Adam444
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This question has come up before on our forum.  Let me refer you to the rather extensive answers given here:

Clear Coat over Latex



Posted 2016-10-13T13:53:33+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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