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I would think the spectrophotometers being used at Home Depot are not not necessarily the same between stores. Newer stores will likely having the better models but not necessarily. I have several color swatches I'm interested in having matched at Home Depot. How can I locate the store(s) with the better spectrophotmeters? I live in the Pittsburgh PA area. Thanks



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Posted 2013-12-10T23:41:51+0000  by 65Cobra 65Cobra

Hello 64Cobra, 


Thank you for your question! I have worked at both new and old stores, and the color matching machine is the same. As long as the machine is calibrated any store you go to should give you an accurate reading. I have a few tips when getting a color matched: 


1- If you are doing touch ups, please bring in a piece of the wall where the paint is going. The sample should be a minimum of 1" by 1" and should be a solid piece. I recommend this because paint ages as time goes on. If you bring in a can of paint with some paint it in, the paint in the can has not aged and it will, more than likely, not match. This is especially true if the room gets a lot of direct sun, if it's a high traffic area or if anyone in your home is a smoker.  


2- Since paint is non-returnable, make sure the paint is to your liking before leaving the store. An experienced paint associate can adjust the formula until you are completely satisfied.


3- Ask the paint associate to print off an extra label for your records. If you need more paint, just bring in that label and the associate can make more for you without having to do a color match again.


 If you have any more questions, please let us know! 


Christine :) 

Posted 2013-12-11T14:06:19+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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