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Spillproof Garden Table - with Video

This table always winds up getting sticky from spills and splashes, then dust and dirt stick to it.  Not any more!


Coated very evenly, not too thick:




Works Great:



Video of wine spilling on table:


Wine rolls off nicely!

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Posted 2013-06-22T16:35:57+0000  by Pleunetuned Pleunetuned

Plain water:





Posted 2013-06-23T03:01:05+0000  by Pleunetuned
Checking in with an update - it's been about 3 weeks, and we have had several rainstorms. The Neverwet is still working great, and the table gets washed clean in every storm. Dust and pollen are not accumulating like they used to. I'm still very happy with this application!
Posted 2013-07-13T17:18:38+0000  by Pleunetuned

Update on durability and performance after almost 2 months: 


This table still sheds water WAY better than before I applied NeverWet. The coating is still quite functional over most of the surface.  We use this table frequently, it is outside in the elements all the time, and it gets wet every time we run the garden sprinkler.  Despite this, the NeverWet performance is holding up pretty well.


I've kept a plant in a ceramic-pot on the table for the last few weeks, and the dirt which splashes out in the rain still rinses away, rather than drying on the table, as it did before NeverWet. Some wear to the coating has developed where the pot sits, due to the aggressive abrasion of ceramic on ceramic.  So, that small ring-shaped area under the plant does not shed water anymore, but I always put the pot there, so it's not a problem.


The area where I set my coffee mug in the mornings has worn a little, too.  This is partly my fault for not being more careful to avoid sliding the cup around before I noticed the wear.  A hard mug sliding on ceramic tiles is a harsh test for NeverWet durability.  I suppose I should use a coaster.  Simply being careful minimizes damage to the coating.


It looks like I might want a light refresher application of NeverWet at about the 3 month mark.  Not bad for a season's worth of use.  Now that I know to be careful not to slide hard items like coffee cups and bottles around too much, I'll be able to get more life out of the next application.


I'm loving NeverWet on my garden table!  I still spray it with the hose when I have a new guest, just to point at the table and say "look". 

Posted 2013-08-09T04:13:11+0000  by Pleunetuned
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