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Sponge Painting a large concrete wall


See photo. Top of photo is final result, bottom is what the wall looks like now. Any and all advice, tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted 2012-08-30T15:22:03+0000  by marymac marymac

First, you should get some type of scaffolding, or come up with something that will surfice as scaffold (make sure it's safe). This will help make the job easier and faster than working off of a ladder. Recruit some help! On a job this size, and seeing that you are going to have to work while elevated, always a good idea to have at least one other person around just incase of accidental fall, etc... Then I'd sponge (or mop) clean the wall with some type of degreaser/cleaner (maybe TSP) as best as possible and let dry. Make any repairs to cracks, etc... and let cure, (make sure anything you use for your repairs is paintable). If you want the color to be consistent, you may need to cover the colored areas with a primer first, and let dry. Then working from the top - apply your paint with sponge as planned. Work from one side to the other, keeping an even texture and consistency. Do a strip of reasonable reaching surface. Then lower scaffold and continue repeating the process (don't overlap color too much, or you may end up with darker stripes) 'til wall is complete. Don't expect perfection, but when finished, I'm sure it will be a great improvement! Good Luck, this looks like a pretty big project.

Posted 2012-09-01T14:53:50+0000  by GrandmaRocks

Since it is a large area, you might consider using a sponge mop. The handle and length will help give you some control and reach. By using both arms, you'll also have less fatigue.

Posted 2012-09-02T16:42:44+0000  by Paul
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