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Spray for roofing leaks

 Is there a spray for patching roof leaks around skylights

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Posted 2012-06-07T22:35:07+0000  by Tombstonebilly Tombstonebilly

Hi Tombstonebilly, I’m Ken, welcome to the community. We’re glad you joined.


Roof leaks are no laughing matter; there is a lot of damage that can be caused by having a leaking roof.


There are several products on the market for patching roof leaks. The latest seems to be a spray. This is convenient and puts down a layer of rubberized protectant. This is used to seal leaks and fill cracks.


This is made by Rust-Oleum and is available in the paint department of The Home Depot.

You can top coat as in paint with latex or oil base paint in 24 hours. This makes repairs quick and easy.


One of my favorite is not a spray; however it is one of the best products for patching leaks. This is Henry’s 208. You can even apply this while it’s raining. You can use this product with or without Henry’s 183 repair fabric.


You can find this product at Home Depot in the building department on the roofing aisle. Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-06-07T23:11:42+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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