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Sprayed the inside of my toilt with NeverWet!! Video and pictures inside.

Well i went out to Home Depot and bought a package of the NeverWet to give it a try.  I always get a hardwater stain inside my toilet so i wanted to give it a try.


Cleaned up the old stain with a pumice stone.

Drained out the toilet, i used a cup and a towel to get all the water out.

Masked around the bowl.

Sprayed the inside.


Make sure you have a window open and a fan on if you do, the fumes are pretty strong.


photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG

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Posted 2013-06-22T15:53:03+0000  by infin infin
Didnt see a spot to edit my post, here is a clearer video
Posted 2013-06-22T23:23:26+0000  by infin
If the coating lasts a long time this should be on every "no flush" urinal.
Posted 2013-06-26T17:12:57+0000  by jordain
I absolutely love the idea infin!

Another Community Member used NeverWet on the hull of his radio control boat.

He reported an initial increase in speed and after about 2.5-hours a return to the pre-treated speed.

His conclusion: NeverWet will eventually wear off, but certainly can be reapplied to regain the benefits.

I suspect his conclusion applies to your application as well.

But, keeping the inside of your toilet clean is certainly worth additional applications.

Thanks for sharing with The Community!
Posted 2016-01-28T20:32:59+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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