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Spraying M.S. Precious Metals

I did my dinning room but had the same problem everyone has had, the roller streaks. Now my questions can that paint be sprayed onto the wall. It's thick so it would have to be thinned out so it can be sprayed on. Has anybody tried it? Dmwhat did you use, thinner or water? Did it affect the paint outcome?
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Posted 2012-04-13T04:10:11+0000  by Eliseo2002 Eliseo2002

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We've actually got a discussion running on just this topic already. = ) Another user asked about using a sprayer with this specific type of paint, and my colleague PaintPro jumped in with a quick answer that is just what you're looking for.



"My absolute favorite way to apply the precious metals paint is with an airless paint sprayer.  The consistency of the finish makes for a stunning presentation.


Keep in mind that if you try any other form of spray method (i.e... Cup gun sprayer, HVLP, or  compressor) the finish may not turn out as nice. These type of sprayers need most paints to be thinned down with water in order for them to flow through the spray orifice. As a result the finish will be compromised and might run.


Lastly, two coats will give the rich consistency you are looking for."



If you still have a few more questions on it or perhaps in need of some other paint pointers, feel free to reply back here, or in the original discussion: Can I use a paint sprayer with the precious metals (Martha Stewart) paint?

Posted 2012-04-13T13:57:22+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

 Most acylic based paints can be thinned with at least 8 oz of water to a gallon. However, this might still be a little thick for good spraying through a siphon or gravity feed type gun.


I once got an interesting look with metallic paint by deliberately setting my HVLP gun to spray a course spray.  The customer wanted a high tech looking gray metallic look in his factory RandD department. I blanked out the wall first with a gray prime coat. The course spray from the gun gave a hammered look to the metallic paint.The sprayer gave a nice uniform look to the whole room without any streaking. As the wall had already been primed to the exact color, it was easy to get good coverage as to color and texture.

Posted 2012-04-13T19:24:41+0000  by ordjen
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