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Spring Green: Opening Day At Fenway Park


The green turf at Fenway Park on opening day was so amazing!

It could have been that we Bostonians, were hit with 100 plus inches of snow this winter and any sign of green is a gift to our winter weary eyes but I think … was way more than that!

Just over a month ago 2.5 tons of black sand was spread on the sacred ground of Fenway Park. The black sand was thrown across, the over three feet of snow that covered the field; the black grains absorbed the heat from the sun’s rays and expedited the melting process.

The grounds crew would take a fifty pound bag of black sand, open it, and then toss shovels full of sand across the snow, an incredible daunting task, done by hand, in freezing temperatures!

Under the snow, above the grass, was a layer of evergreen turf cloth; that fabric is laid during the close of season to protect the turf. The cloth captured the sand, making it a bit easier to collect. The grounds crew would then rake the sand, or blow it, into a pile and remove it……still and incredible task, throwing 2.5 tons of black sand onto the field, and then removing it!

 On Opening Day every blade looked perfect! The turf blades bending one way to catch the light- appearing paler, and bending the other way-appearing darker, to make a spectacular argyle pattern.

Scotts:  with the same product available to you at The Home Depot; partners with Fenway, and its grounds crew, to enhance, and ensure the best possible turf on the field of “Americas Most Beloved Ball Park”.

Dave Mellor is the head of grounds crew at Fenway Park, he and his team did a remarkable job getting the park ready for opening day, it was pristine-perfect!

I always feel privileged to sit in the stands at Fenway Park; I am proud that the field always looks amazing and welcoming, and I am so honored to call Fenway Park, my hometown, most beloved pall park.

The Red Sox Fenway Opener was an amazing, memorable experience, the “Green Monsta” wore the stars and stripes for the opening ceremonies: Jane Richards, sister of Martin Richards, who died in the Marathon bombing, sang the National Anthem. Martin’s older brother Henry handed the ball to (Patriots) Tom Brady who threw the opening pitch.

Pete Frates, who started of the ALS Ice bucket challenge, was wheeled onto the field by his family and was named an honorary Red Sox team member.

Boys and girls from throughout New England accompanied the players from both the Red Sox, and The Nationals, onto the field, and then got to run across the lush, thick turf!

The weather was delightful and of course.... the Red Sox won, woohoo!!

Minutes after the game was done, and the players were still on the field shaking hands….the grounds crew appeared.

With brooms in hand and determination in mind they set to the field, immediately picking up that cracker jack wrapper that was blowing since the eighth inning, in right field; the crew was beginning to repair the divots and baseline clay defaults. With Scotts paddles they run the clay smooth..... and prepare to repair, for the next game.The home town season has begun!!

I have always said that; I like the Red Sox, but I love Fenway Park!!

Thank you to Dave Mellor, his grounds crew team, the champions of Fenway Park, and the Scotts Company, for bringing out the truest of springtime green!!    Go Sox!!!   

Check out my team members Ingar's great informative article about the Scotts lawn-care program, and grow your lawn like Fenway Park!             Maureen


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