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Spring Planting Comes Early on the West Coast February 2016

How to Plant Tomatoes

It is indeed February out here on the West Coast, and the calendar does say that it is winter, but our weather seems more like early summer in June & July than it does a cold and wet winter of February.
  We are still waiting for the forecast El Nino event, but so far, all we have seen are high pressure cells dominating our weather pattern during this month along with temperatures in the 80's.


This is great news for the backyard gardeners who want to get an early start.  Bonnie Plants has been stocking our garden department with lots of tomatoes, peppers and lettuce and other vegetables and herbs all winter long. Yes, Tomatoes can be grown out here in California almost all year long.  Even though our night time temps can range down into the 30’s & 40’s F, the days have been loaded with a warm sun and 80 F temperatures.     

Bonnie Plants 4 in. Mint-Sweet

Bonnie Plants 4 in. Heinz Classic Heirloom Tomato

Since the sun is much lower in the horizon than it normally is during the summer months, it may be necessary for you to re-positon your garden plantings to catch as much of the sun as possible.  I I use 15 gallon nursery pots for my veggies  and I had to move them to the far North West side of my patio to capture the maximum amount of available sunlight. 

 Bonnie Plants 4 in. Better Boy Tomato

Seedlings can still be started inside if you want to use the seed packets, but you can also get a great jump start on your vegetable garden by using the Bonnie Plant selection in the Garden Department of your local Home Depot, providing you are out here on the West Coast. 

A Jiffy Greenhouse can help to get your new seedlings started early indoors as long as you have a warm and brightly lighted area.  Be careful not to put your new seedlings in the direct sunlight as they can be burned easily at this stage.

Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse KitJiffy Mix 10 qt. Seed Starting Mix

So Southern California, let’s take advantage of this beautiful weather and get a jump start on our spring garden!  Visit your local Home Depot Garden Center today and let’s get our vegetable gardens started! 


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