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Spring Projects: Preventing weeds

For some of you, spring time is that part of the year when everyone gets back out into the yard and starts to till the soil and prepare the ground for the plants that will be fashioned in our yard for the rest of the year.  Weeding has always been one of those tasks that the home gardener either loves, hates or is resolved to the fact that it is something that just has to be done, providing you want to have a good looking flowerbed or garden.  Apart from the Zen feeling you get from being one with nature, having your hands and arms communing with mother nature  whilst looking for the end of the root of that nasty weed, fighting off those pesky mosquitoes.  Hmm, somehow I for one,  am missing the Zen part of this.  Ok, maybe if the mosquitoes were removed but, either way, isn’t it really a task that you would rather skip?  Of course you would!  Who does not have that disappointed look on their face, one week after you slaved over the flower bed, picking out every weed you and your bifocals could see??  There is a solution for you, never fear.  Once you have your flower bed or garden prepared and all your amendments have been tilled into the soil, there are a couple of steps you will need to add to make sure this is a once in a season project. 


Your next step, is to lay down a weed mat.  Not a plastic covering that smothers the ground but a breathable, permeable weed mat that allows air and water to penetrate that ground.  Once the weed mat has been laid down and secured to the ground, it is time to place your plants onto the weed mat and once you are happy with the placement, cut a hole into the weed mat the same size as the pot or root ball you are planting.  Once the weed mat has been cut and your plants have been put into the ground, it is time to add your mulch.  Once the mulch has been added, you next step is to water in your plants.  The final step for this spring project is to add a weed preventer or a pre-emergent.  This final step will stop those nasty weed seed from germinating for the next 4 months!   The Home Depot has several products that can aid you in your battle with the weeds.  Miracle Gro Weed Preventer, Preen and Amaze are available at your local Home Depot.  Once you have added you finishing touches to your flower or vegetable garden, add the pre-emergence of your choice, water it in and then sit back and admire your handy work for the rest of the spring and summer.  

 Watch Video- Stop Weeds Before they Start!

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