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Spring lawn care for zone 6/7


I live in zone 6/7 and have a very sad looking lawn. It seems like in the summer about 50% of my lawn is white clover. I currently have a lot of white clover and some small bare spots. The earth around my house is also mostly clay-very wet! Would a broadleaf weed killer and a turf builder with seed be my best bet to get a better lawn? Sould I start now in the spring or wait until the fall? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Posted 2013-03-29T22:23:24+0000  by Keh218 Keh218

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The white clover make take up to 2 broadleaf weed killer sprayings.You may want to aerate your lawn to make sure the water and nutrients can get into the soil. If you don"t want to start from scratch, you could use Scott"s EZ seed to over seed your  area, and keep moist for 3 weeks, you may want to repeat the weedkiller sprayings if you have more weed issues, but wait until you have mowed your new lawn 3 tiimes. Hope this helps,

spectracide weed stop for lawns.jpgscotts_Gold_EZSeed.jpg


Posted 2013-03-29T23:29:22+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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