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Spring on sectional garage door

How do I adjust the spring tension on my sectional garage door.


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Posted 2013-10-08T20:26:09+0000  by bahabobby bahabobby

Have you tested your door for balance?  With the opener (if you have one) disconnected, open the door about half way and release.  It should stay at that position (although slowly opening or closing is ok too).  If the door isn't balanced, the springs may need to be adjusted or replaced, with replacement the more likely scenario, especially if the door springs are older.


There are two kinds of springs - extension and torsion.  Extension springs run back along the track at a 90 degree angle to the door.  They are the easiest to adjust and replace for the DIYer.  


Torsion spring(s) sit above the door on a rod that runs from track to track.  Torsion springs store a large amount of energy and working on them can be extremely dangerous as a mistake can lead to serious personal injury.  Frankly, unless you are very confident in your abilities, I would suggest leaving any work on a torsion spring to a professional.


In either case, this web site has excellent information on replacing both types of springs and can sell you the necessary parts if you can't find them locally.

Posted 2013-10-08T22:17:37+0000  by Adam444
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