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Sprinkler Valve cracks EVERY YEAR!

Before I didn't know how to DIY installing sprinkler valves, I had to pay wooping $300 every time my sprinkler valve cracks. It became suspicious when cracked sprinkler valve becoming EVERY YEAR event, I started to accuse my sprinkler company to either break them on purpose when they do winter-prep-water out of my pipe lines or installing very cheap valves that doesn't last more than a year.

Starting few years ago, I started installing valves myself which only cost me $15 per valve (where he charged me $50 per valve, $200 for service plus tax+fees to be $300 total /hmmpf) last year I installed new valved because the old one was cracked. This year when I tried to turn the water on, another one cracked opened. (This was also the one sprinkler company installed)

Now, is this normal for every valve to last no more than 2 years? I even opened the water very slowly (turned 1/3 way for 2~3minutes, then another 1/3 for 2~3min, then fully afterward) I installed Orbit 1" Inline Sprinkler Valve last year and thankfully, that one isn't cracked 'yet.' But I'm just wondering if this valve issue is something that I have to go through every year. (I have 3 zones, hence 3 valves for my house)
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Posted 2015-04-18T19:48:34+0000  by Seank Seank
Hi Seank,

Plastic valves are prone to cracking, they are exposed to the elements and being plastic they will deteriorate with time.

I might suggest replacing the plastic valves with brass valves, they are very expensive, but it will be the last one you will ever have to install.

An orbit brass automatic valve is about $55.00, but compared to the plastic valves annual replacement it won't take long to recover your money.

Posted 2015-04-20T17:52:40+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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