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Squealing Shower Faucet


The faucet in our shower tub has been making high-pitched squealing sounds recently. When turning on the water, it works normally and there is no sound. But as soon as you pull the diverter and the water comes out of the shower head, the squealing starts. The temperature of the water does not seem to have any effect on this, as it squeals with both hot and cold water. Pulling the diverter upward while it's squealing makes it squeal at a higher pitch, and sometimes even makes the squealing stop. Otherwise, after about a minute the squealing goes away on its own, but as soon as we use the shower again (i.e. the next person takes a shower), the process starts all over again. We have a 1-handle Moen faucet that's less than a year old, and we can't figure out what is causing this, and what the solution is.

We appreciate any advice.
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Posted 2016-07-16T02:46:29+0000  by tnc tnc
There's a little washer at the front of the tub spout that closes the opening when using the shower.  A repair kit can be bought for about $5 (Home Depot SKU 10000-14483).  That's the place I would start. 

If you purchased the shower faucet or it was part of a new home it would also be covered by Moen's lifetime warranty.  Just give them a call and they'll send you the parts for free. 1-800-BUY-MOEN.

Posted 2016-07-16T09:58:58+0000  by Adam444
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