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Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhina

Common Name: Staghorn sumac

Type: shrub

Family: Anacardiaceae

Zone: 3 to 8     Find Your Zone

Height: 15 to 25 feet

Width: 20 to 30 feet

Bloom Time: June to July

Bloom Color: greenish yellow

Sun exposure: full sun to partial shade

Fall Color: Red

Soil: well drained, acidic, adaptable

Leaves: deciduous


This plant is invasive in nature and can become a handful quickly. This plant grows on the edge of woodlines and will crawl out, taking over due to its reseeding ability and profuse root suckers. This plant has incredible fall color but its invasive nature makes this plant not worthy of propagation and should only ever be managed if you have it and never planted.


It gets its name from the brown hairs that can cover the branches that resemble that of the velvet on the horns of a stag deer. It develops clusters of red berries that are unmistakable and a green compound leaf.

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