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Stain over Paint?

I have pine wood trim and baseboards in my home and a couple of the bedrooms, the previous owner painted.  I know you can't stain over paint, but wanted to check in to see if there have been any changes with this besides really sanding down the wood to the bare.  Thanks.

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Posted 2013-05-10T03:49:05+0000  by kcollins kcollins




Unfortunately, there has been no miracle breakthrough for removing paint from formularly stained woodwork. Quite frankly, you would probably never get the pine woodwork clean enough to reasonably accept stain. Were it mine, I would sooner replace the old trim with virgin wood. In fact, I did exactly  that in my former house, replacing all the dark stained woodwork with new oak trim, putting oak "door skins" over the old flush doors and covering the door jambs with oak veneer. Yes, it did take several weeks, but the results were great!


If you are not quite so crazy as I, you might try antiquing the woodwork or using a graining technique on the existing woodwork. This too is considerable work and the developement of some skill, but the results can also be quite interesting. It requires painting the woodwork in a base coat of woodtone paint, glazing and graining the woodwork and finally, putting a protective clear coat over it/. A good source of information on such processes are the videos posted on "You Tube".


Another possibility for an interesting technique somewhat like graining, is to again use a basecoat of flat, woodtone paint, followed by a coat of Minwax "PolyShades" pigmented urethane varnish. After the PolyShades has been applied with a brush and allowed to set briefly, a course , dry brush is dragged over the surface, leaving a grain like appearance. Again, this takes some practice and skill developement, but can result in an interesting finish.


By far the easiest thing to do is to learn to love painted woodwork!  :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-05-10T04:57:27+0000  by ordjen

Unfortunately no miracle product will let you stain over paint.  I suppose you could faux finish or strip but frankly if you want stained trim it would likely be more cost effective to remove the old trim and replace it.

Posted 2013-05-11T04:39:50+0000  by Adam444

You can't stain over paint.  However you can try to 'live' with it as a suggestion choosing paint colors that mimic some wood stains.  You won't have that grain affect, however it will be a mother nature color.  Some suggestions would be to check out the Cabot stain website and they list a variey of stain colors and you can try to find a paint with the same name or match one up.

Posted 2013-05-13T02:21:09+0000  by beth00
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