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Stained concrete prep work/ wood wall base

I want to stain my interior concrete floors. I have read all about the prep work with the exception of my existing wood wall base. I will be pulling up my existing carpet and would like to leave the wall base in place. Is it possible to leave the base and just tape it off and paper the bottom portion of the walls?
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Posted 2013-07-09T02:28:24+0000  by Gmcfadden Gmcfadden

Hello Gmcfadden!


You've done a great job of analyzing the needed steps!


When you tape the lower edge of your wood base board, make certain to use two-inch tape and establish an even line that just covers the lower edge.


This will prevent bumping into the base with your roller and leaving a stain mark.


Once the carpet is up, remove the tack strips and fill the small pits with Quickrete in a caulk tube. Smooth and allow to dry.


If adhesive was used to hold the carpet down, remove with a scraper and 80-grit sandpaper on a palm sander. If excessive amount of adhesive are present, consider using a diamond blade etcher from Tool Rental.


Since stains are penetrating sealers, it is very important to open the pores of the cement before application.


So, take a little more time to prep and your concrete floors should look great!



Posted 2013-07-09T11:57:04+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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