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Stained fence... doesn't look good- help!

My husband pressure washed, then stained our fence that is on both sides of our house. One side gets a lot of sun, the other side is shaded. After applying the same product the same way on both sides of the house, one fence looks light colored and the other is a dark burgandy. Pretty dissapointing! Any suggestions?
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Posted 2013-08-05T05:30:58+0000  by ncounts ncounts



Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. The sunny side of your fence went darker because the grain of the wood was opened up by the sun and much more porous than the protected side. You might consider giving the lighter sections of fence another coat of stain in an attempt to match the darker sections.


The other alternative would involve much work and effort: that would be to strip the darker side, then give it a coat of stain that has a lessened formula of pigment in it. Not a pleasant alternative!


Sorry for the less than pleasant advice on alternatives

Posted 2013-08-05T13:17:38+0000  by ordjen

So sorry for your frustration:smileysad:


I agree with Ordjen on this..Possibly applying another coat to the lighter side will bring it up to the level of the darker side. Do a test area first and let it dry before attacking the whole thing.

Posted 2013-08-05T13:51:45+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Agree with above! Try another coat on the lighter side and, indeed, do a small test area first.

Posted 2013-08-05T15:39:18+0000  by louieb
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