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Staining old woodsiding

Can't afford new wood siding so should I use some kind of stain pretreatment before I restrain my house
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Posted 2016-07-19T22:53:35+0000  by madhater madhater

What condition is your stained siding in? Is it badly weathered and gray? If you intend to use a transparent stain, the siding must first be cleaned of that graying, as it will show through the stain. This cleaning can be accomplished with Behr's Deck Cleaner and a power washer.

If you intend to use a solid hide stain, removal of the graying is not as critical, as the stain will cover the old color and discoloration.

There is no special pre-treatment, as with interior wiping stains. Stains are there own sealers.They are applied and left to soak into the wood.  Oil stains generally only get one coat, water based stains generally two coats.

Solid hide stains, which are like a light bodied paint, generally give the best protection of the wood as it blocks the UV rays of the sun. 
Posted 2016-07-20T01:06:30+0000  by ordjen
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