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Stall shower base re-finishing or painting? What kind of paint to use?

I am cleaning my stained and old stall shower space for re-finishing. I just bought Rustoleum Tile Transformation Kit for refnishing the walls, and I want to paint the shower base pan to white, I'm not sure what kind of material it's made from (could be plastic or fiberglass, how can you tell the difference?), is there any suggestion what kind of paint I should go with and what prep work I need to do before painting?


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Posted 2013-07-04T17:46:39+0000  by yzhangjsxu yzhangjsxu
Ok, my husband found that most likely it's plastic because when he tried using utility knife to cut, he found the texture looked same everywhere. So if it's plastic, is there any kind of paint for that?
Posted 2013-07-04T19:30:17+0000  by yzhangjsxu

Hello yzhandjsxu!


Fiberglass parts, made in a form-mold, often appear very much like plastic.


In fact, cured fiberglass is a polymer ... a form of plastic.


When these parts are manufactured, they are coated with gel coat ... a special waterproof, marine coating designed to adhere to fiberglass.


If you want to refinish your shower tray properly, click the link to order Gel Coat Repair Kit online.



This product produces a strong odor while curing.


Plan ahead to ventilate the room and wear the protective gear recommended on the package.

Posted 2013-07-09T16:24:21+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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