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"Star" Cave

I'd like to build a little "star cave" for my toddler son to foster his interest in astronomy. He loves stars but where we live, the light pollution makes visualization of even one or two per night a challenge.


I wanted to build a box just big enough to accomodate a seated adult and child. It would be a little fort that he can go into and take awe in the darkened room with a myriad of stars shining through on the ceiling and walls. The tricky thing will be the ceiling and the walls. I envision LCD-lit walls covered with a plastic that will even out the lighting completely so that the areas next to the bulbs aren't overtly brighter than areas without bulbs. Then I'd cover the plastic with a dark fabric with little holes in it to simulate stars with the light reflecting through. Ideally it would have a bright star-like collimated light appearance through the holes, rather than vague, dull spots of light.


My question is -- what sort of lighting should I use and then what type of plastic sheeting would be best to use over it?


Thanks for your suggestions.



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Posted 2012-09-30T14:49:36+0000  by phtgrphr phtgrphr
Hey phtgrphr!

What a great idea!

In another thread, a Dad painted stars on the ceiling for his daughter.

You can expand the idea using LED and ornamental lights for the much brighter planets and constellations.

Click to read: How To Paint Stars On Your Ceiling
Posted 2015-09-03T22:07:50+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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