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I recently moved into a new home in Phoenix, Arizona with a backyard over grown with weeds.  Spoke with the previous tenants and they said it was hard for them to keep up a nice lawn because the backyard has no shade and gets direct sun for a majority of the day.  I just had the yard cut down to nothing in anticipation of getting started on making changes.  We do have two dogs, so I am hoping I can get them trained to one area without killing whatever we get going.  Any and all help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Posted 2013-04-09T04:17:14+0000  by bdchavez bdchavez

Hello bdchavez. Ken here in the Chicago area. Welcome to the Community!!!

If you want a lawn in Phoenix, Arizona, be prepared to spend a great amount of

time maintaining it. In your area, the time to put in a lawn is mid-spring. We are

past that now. Still, if you must have a lawn here are a couple of grasses that will

work in your area.

The first is a warm season grass called Bermuda. It is a high maintenance grass as

far as fertilizer, water, and mowing is concerned. It creates a very nice lawn. Being

a warm season grass, it will go dormant in the winter, meaning it will turn brown.

It is usually overseeded with annual ryegrass to keep it green. When the ryegrass

starts to die out in the heat, the Bermuda is starting to green up.

The other grass is tall fescue. Not only does it tolerate foot traffic like Bermuda, it also

tolerates cold and drought and doesn’t turn brown in the winter.

The key to all of this will be soil preparation.

Get rid of weeds, stones and debris. Till up the soil and add compost or organic matter.

Mix in and level off. Use a lawn roller to firm up the soil and get rid of air pockets. Spread

Starter fertilizer and lightly rake in. Spread you seed or lay your sod. If seed, cover with a

quarter inch of soil to keep moist. If sod, use the lawn roller to make good sod to soil


Now comes water. Water several times a day for the first week, or until germination. Then

start decreasing the frequency and increase the duration of water time for the next 3 weeks.

At this time you can mow for the first time. Use a high setting and gradually decrease the

Height until you are at the proper height for your grass.


Let us know how your project grows.

Posted 2013-05-06T20:48:20+0000  by Ken_HD_CHI



We are the local sod supplier for The Home Depot stores in Denver. Although types of grass will be different in Denver than in Phoenix, the most important factor in installing a new lawn is proper soil preparation. As we are in a prolonged drought here in Colorado and you live in a desert climate, the goal is the same; to conserve water. The key to conserving water in the landscape is soil preparation. Here is a link to an article on "The Importance of Soil Preparation" that might be helpful.


Turfman/Scienturfic Sod/local sod supplier for The Home Depot

Posted 2013-05-08T14:16:13+0000  by Turfman



The link to the article on soil preparation was unfortunately posted incorrectly. It should be "The Importance of Soil Preparation"


Turfman/Scienturficsod/local sod supplier for The Home Depot


Posted 2013-05-08T14:30:59+0000  by Turfman
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