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Starting a new lawn

013.JPGI live in washington state and just bought a house with the front yard landscaped but not the back yard.  I want to start a lawn, but the I think I need to dig a couple inches first  because the yard has rocks all over.  I know I will probably need some top soil, I think.  I need help on the steps I need to take. Weeds grew tall and I already used a trimmer to cut it down. Help!

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Posted 2011-04-01T22:50:14+0000  by wa1406 wa1406

Hey wa1406.


That is one rocky lawn. I don't know how large the backyard is but I would either till up the yard and get the rocks out with a landscape rake or if it is a large yard then I would get a Bobcat with a rock hound and get up all the rocks that way. Cutting that with a lawn mower could certainly break a few windows. Now is a great time to reseed your yard with Perennial Rye, Fescue, or Bluegrass. They would all do great in your area . I would recommend, once you are ready to put down the seed (which I would do in the next couple weeks), also put down a starter fertilizer with it. Spread a layer of wheat straw over top of it as well, for this will help hold the seed in place (keeping it from washing away) and more importantly, it will hold much needed moisture to the seed. Water it daily or every other day for the next month after it comes up and you will have the lawn you have always wanted.


I dont see any weeds in your front yard. I would just apply some Scotts turf builder or some Vigoro premium lawn food.


I am going to attach a post that my team mates and I wrote up on understanding fertilizers and grasses which has a lot of valuable info.

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Posted 2011-04-03T15:27:29+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Oh, yeah, and now that spring is here, what can I do to get my front yard green again?008.JPGthe color is starting to come back, but there are still some brownish areas. this pic was taken in december

Posted 2011-04-01T22:54:06+0000  by wa1406

I don't know much about trees or plants, here are a few pics of my front yard trees, i tall tree has been brown for months, even before winter. I need help! Thanks


Posted 2011-04-19T00:18:22+0000  by wa1406

Hello again wa1406.


Thank you very much for the accepted solution. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you. The first picture is an Emerald Arborvitae and it is a sun loving plant. I suspect that it is planted on the north side of the house and it has probably died slowly. A house that faces directly north will face some challenges with sun loving plants because this is the shadiest side of the house. I am also suspicious of the green drainage box next to the plant as well. Arborvitae do not like excessive moisture and can get root rot. That same plant would probably grow better if planted further away from the house where it would get more sun.


The second picture looks like a Maple and it is budding out and should be OK. There appears to be a few dead branches that can be pruned off, otherwise leave this alone and it should be fine.


The bushes look like Loropetalum, which like full sun but even if they are planted on the north side of the house have been known to tolerate it. I would hit them with a root stimulator like Miracle Grow Quick Start. If these plants continue to struggle and they are on the north side then you might have to replace them with Azaleas.


I hope I accurately described the situation. If I am off with my analysis then hit me back and we can come up with plan B.

Posted 2011-04-21T14:18:26+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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