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Stone compost bin

I'm just starting out in masonry and I'm just trying to learn the basics first. I plan on making a compost bin out of stone blocks and I need to know what kind of stone/block would be best for this. I cannot use cinderblocks so I HAVE to find a smaller alternative. The left and right side of the compost bin will be 15(will probably have to double this if the blocks end up being too flat) blocks high (I haven't calculated the number of blocks for the middle yet) and I'm going to see if I can attach a mesh screen lid to the top of the structure.  As for binding the stone together, I plan on using a construction polyurethane adhesive. If anyone has some suggestions for me they would be appreciated.
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Posted 2015-04-01T22:35:23+0000  by Samas Samas

Hello Samas and welcome to the Community.

It would be helpful to know the size of the area for your compost bin and any other restrictions.  If possible measure the area so you can determine what size block will fit best.  When viewing any Home Depot products click on the photo and you can access details by selecting the specification tab below the photo.

You say you can’t use cinderblocks because they are too big so I am guessing that retaining wall block would be too large even though that would be my first choice.  Retaining wall blocks have a self-aligning rear lip and automatic setback help provide a stable, hassle-free installation.

 To see a video on how to install retaining wall click here and choose the boxes under the picture, that has an arrow in it.  You would only need landscape adhesive for the cap stone top row.

 Two brands Loctite and Liquid Nails are excellent for landscaping projects, such as securing block walls and capstones and for bonding brick, stone, timbers, concrete, metal and wood. Both products can usually be purchased as individual tubes in your local Home Depot.


The next size smaller would be like a 10.5” x 7” RumbleStone Paver.


For something smaller a rumblestone Mini Wall Block that is 3.5 in.x 7 in. by 1.75 in. high. Using these will be more of a challenge to create a stable wall considering your compost pushing against it.

You could make a mesh lid by creating a frame using treated lumber and attaching hardware cloth or poultry netting  to it, either with nails or staples.

This may give you some ideas as to how to get started.  I would love to hear how it turns out, send pictures if possible.


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Posted 2015-04-02T17:37:11+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Thank you for your response, what I've read has proven to very helpful to my project. Believe you me, I would also prefer to use retaining wall blocks for the stone compost bin. But the way they are angled makes it difficult to make a straight structure. I might end having to incorporate wooden planks inside of the compost bin structure to help hold it together. When the project is finished, I will have taken several pictures of the progressing structure, I can post some pictures here(I think).
Posted 2015-04-04T23:03:59+0000  by Samas
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