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Stone paving next to orange tree

My side yard has an orange tree, how far away from the tree should I start digging to do stone paving project ?

For paving project, I should remove 7 inches deep of soil from the surface. Can it be less than 7 inches deep ? What is the minimum depth for long lasting stone pavement ? I want also to build a short stone wall, may be 3 stone high surrounding the orange tree, how deep should I dig to put the first piece of base stone ?

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Posted 2011-07-08T01:01:40+0000  by vince2011 vince2011

Hi vince2011,


Thank you for your question and welcome to The Home Depot Community.  When placing any pavers around a fruit tree, do not put the pavers any closer than the drip line of the tree.  Drip Line.  If you cover the drip line then the tree will not be able to get sufficient water or nutients to give you its fruit.  Watering at the trunk of the tree is not effective especially if the drip line is is 3 feet away or more.  Remember that the roots of a mature fruit tree are 12-18 inches below the surface at the drip line.  Since a fruit tree does best in a sandy well drained soil, watering at the trunk of the tree will not allow the water to flow outward to the feeder roots located athte drip line.  In a sandy well drained soil the water will just go straight down and not flow outward sufficiently to reach the feeder roots. 



When deciding  how much soil to take out for your pavers, these are some good points to remember: How thick are the pavers.  Will you be driving on them or just walking on them?  How much soil must be dug out to make the pavers even with the surrounding area?  Once this is determined, it is time to grab a square shovel and start digging.  If the area to be dug out is fairly large, say 400 sq ft. you might want to rent a sod cutter to take off the top one inch of soil and then dig the rest of the area out. 


  D Handle Spade.jpg   Square Point Shovel Long Handle.jpg                 Sod_cutter classen_.jpg



    Vibrating Compactor.jpg       8 X 8 inch Tamper.jpg


When deciding on how much soil to dig out, remember to include the one inch of pack base sand that must be placed on the bottom of the area you just dug out if you will just be waking on the pavers.  Be sure to use a manual tamper of a machine vibrator to compact the soil before placing down the pavers.  If you plan on parking a car on the pavers then, you must have 2 inches of course pack base followed by 2 inches of finishing sand.

                                                Pavestone Course pack base step 1.jpgPavestone Leveling Sand Step 2.jpg


To prevent any weed seeds from blowing in and germinating, it is recommended that you place a layer of weed mat down before you begin the process of placing your pavers down.  If you are doing the one inch of pack base, the weed mat can be placed and anchored prior to putting in your finishing sand down.  The weed mat will prevent any weed from growing a long tape root.  Using a pre-emergence every four months will also help to reduce any weeds that might want to grow in the spaces of your newly placed paver area.    


Weed mat-Landscape fabric.jpgAmaze%AE+Grass+and+Weed+Preventer.jpg


Check with your local Home Depot for product availability in your area.   As fr as building a stone wall around  your orange tree, you will need to have at least one  inch of  pack base for your stone wall if you are using the retaining wall block from The Home Depot: 12"wide 4" tall & 8-9 inches deep.  Don't forget your level and Chalk string!!

Retainig wall block-fawn.jpg  Retaining wall Block-terra cotta.jpgRetaining wall Blocik-Antique.jpgRetaining wall Block-Charcoal.jpg

Chalk line and Reel & level.jpg  Level by Johnson-AluminumBox Beam.jpg



As long as you base layer is level then the rest of the wall will fall in place.  Be sure to take pictures of your project as it progresses along and share the results with the rest of the community.  Thank you again for your question.  This has been another of,


Posted 2011-07-08T22:51:06+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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