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Storage Shed for books


We just recently moved to our dream house.  My husband moved his 118 boxes of books with us that used to be in the garage.  I don't want them to take up spaces in the garage anymore so I suggested getting a shed.  He said that it might flood or get too hot in the shed.  Can anyone recommend a type of shed (not too expensive) that might be best to serve as a library? Thanks!
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Posted 2015-07-09T17:00:16+0000  by schoolbunny schoolbunny

Hello schoolbunny and welcome to the Community.

Books or any type of paper products are vulnerable to deterioration and damage if not stored in a climate controlled environment including a garage or basement.  Maintaining stable conditions is crucial, temperature, relative humidity and air quality are the basic factors to control.  Keeping them off of a concrete surface is also suggested.

A shed could be built so that the floor is on a platform raised above ground level to reduce the chance of flooding and keep them relatively dry. This would not address the other factor.

That being said I can’t advise that any storage shed or garage would be ideal for books.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2015-07-09T19:52:15+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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