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Storm Door instalation

We purchased a storm door from Home Depot about a month ago.  When we went to install it and it seems the door threshold is small. The door will not reach the threshold. Is there a way to enlarge the threshold so that there is not a gap at the bottom of the door?

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Posted 2011-01-02T16:53:50+0000  by Jholeah Jholeah

Hey Jholeah.


There are a couple things we can do to help narrow the gap. I am not sure how big a gap we are dealing with but on the bottom of the door there is an adjustable sweeper. Just unscrew and lower it down to the designated height. If it is all the way down and the gap it still too big then your other options are to swing by the Depot and let us get you another sweeper to attach to that one. It is not uncommon to add another sweeper to the existing one. The other option you have is, if you have not installed the door then screw a strip of wood to the top of the door frame and then install the door. Thanks and I hope this helps.


Posted 2011-01-02T17:51:56+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL



Thanks. I guess I should have explained my problem better. It is not a gap from being too short. It is when we put the side frame on then the storm door does not touch the threshold. It would be long enough. What it looks like is my threshold is not wide enough. Sorry for being so confusing.  

Posted 2011-01-02T21:50:17+0000  by Jholeah

Hello Jholeah,


Thanks for the follow up response to GreenGiant's post. I work in the Door & Window department in the Chicago area and I have many customers that are getting a draft from their entry door area.  It will be easier to respond to your issue if you can post a picture of what is happening.


You indicate the door is not too short, but the door doesn't touch the threshold. The storm doors that Home Depot carries fit an opening height from 80" to 80-7/8", and the width will vary based on the door size. For example, if you purchased a 36" x 80" door, it will fit an open width of 35-3/4" to 36-3/8" and a height  from 80" to 80-7/8". See chart below.

storm door sizes.JPG















If you door doesn't fall into one of these size ranges, then you will need to either consider a custom sized storm door, or follow the suggestion of GreenGiant.


The storm door Sweep Fin is at the bottom (see picture) and this rubber Sweep Fin should only touch either the bottom of the metal threshold of your entry door or if you have an older home you may have a concrete lintel. 


storm door sweep detail.JPG




























You mention your threshold is not wide enough? I think this is where you need to send us a picture to show what you are referring to in relation to where the door is closing. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures of  what's going on there.If you are unable to send a picture, you can stop in at your local Home Depot, and they should be able to diagnose the problem.




Posted 2011-01-03T15:52:57+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Thanks for you response Tangelo. We did not install the storm door. It would have been senseless. I want to be able to open my wood door but with a gap at the bottom I would loose too much heat or cool air. When we were looking at if the handles would hit we noticed that the storm door would be about 1/4 to a 1/2 inch away from the threshold (in width not length). It does not matter how long you make it, it will not seal.  So without the door being up, taking a picture would do no good. I will go to my local Home Depot and talk to them. It may be easier to explain in person.


Posted 2011-01-04T21:22:55+0000  by Jholeah


I have just come across the same issue.  If this was an Anderson door you may be able to remove the door sweep and turn it inside out.  The Anderson door I purchase has a sweep that is shaped like a piece of angle iron or "L".  If you turn it backwards it will give you about 3/4" back towards the threshold.  You will have to shorten the sweep for it to fit inside the storm door frame as well as notch it for the closer.

Posted 2015-05-05T00:28:52+0000  by Bobbyg58
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