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Stove over Range - Replacement request

I am looking for a stove over range unit.

Mine is a drop-in range, attached on top is a stove dated in the 50's The challenge is if I use one of the slide-in stove/ranges today I will have to redo all my cabinets since the old one is like a cooktop ...


Please see my attached picture.


Please help to point me to some similar model!


Thank you,



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Posted 2012-08-11T09:34:25+0000  by nguyenquang_99 nguyenquang_99

Hello nguyenquang_99 and thank you for joining The Community!  We are glad that you are here. 


Thank you for providing a great photo to help us.  I recently helped a customer at my store who was renovating a home from the 1960s with a similar configuration so I will advise you what we did to upgrade his kitchen appliance technology.


* You will need to first obtain measurements (width, height, and depth) so we will know what can fit in this space.  You will most likely find that the newer appliances are smaller – especially on the cutout on the wall cabinet and the depth of the cooktop. 


* You will also need to know what electrical connectivity you currently have (voltage and plug) for both appliances.


* You will need to know how much and what size ducting is available for the outside ventilation of the oven (if available).


* You will need to determine your cooking needs – do you heat, reheat, defrost, cook, roast, and toast in your oven? 


Advantium finale.jpg


For my customer, we determined that the GE Profile Advantium 120 1.7 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave suited his needs.  It is like four (4) ovens in one - cooking, true European convection, sensor microwave, and warmer.  The Speedcook technology cooks up to 4 times faster than a conventional oven.  The oven offer multi-level cooking and has the ability to handle a 9" x 13" casserole dish.  There is a two-speed 300 cubic foot per minute venting system to remove smoke, steam, and odors.  The halogen lighting under the oven gives bright light onto the cooking surface below.  Outside ventilation requires a hood exhaust duct.   The Advantium comes in 27 and 30 inch widths (120 and 240 volts). 


Profile Cooktop.jpg


My customer also selected the GE Profile CleanDesign 30 in. Smooth Surface Electric Cooktop.  It has 4 burners with 9 in. and 12 in. ribbon heating elements to help accommodate different types and sizes of pots and pans. The PowerBoil element delivers 3,000 watts of power to speed up the boiling process while the simmer option delivers consistent low heat for simmer.  The control lock option and hot-surface indicator light help provide safety.


Now for your kitchen!  The stainless steel appliances will keep the cool look in your kitchen.  The light under the oven will add light into the room.  Once the electrical requirements are met, maintaining the look of the cabinets is a primary concern.  A panel may need to be installed on the right side of the new microwave oven if there is a gap remaining after the existing stove is removed.  The cooktop area may need to be built up.  The backsplash appears to be installed behind the cooktop and will need to be removed.  A stainless steel metal tile backsplash in a vertical pattern would accentuate the cabinetry. 


Please contact your local Home Depot appliance specialist and kitchen designer to discuss installation options.  Key points to address include removing your existing stove and cooktop, cabinetry considerations, what changes will need to be made to the existing electrical configuration, what ductwork is required, and what backsplash you will use.


Best wishes on your project and PLEASE send us an “after” photo.  This kitchen will be beautiful with your new additions!



Posted 2012-08-21T17:58:35+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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