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Striped walls

I am hoping to repaint my room this summer. However, currently, I have bright green walls with purple/white stripes! (I know, sounds crazy) I am thinking about a lavender and/or light blue accent wall, and I need to know how to effectively cover those stripes. Help!

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Posted 2013-05-27T20:39:37+0000  by pixiegirl1993 pixiegirl1993




Covering the dramatic colors on your walls is relatively easy, it is merely giving the walls either a prime coat and a coat of paint, or two coats of a primer and paint in one paint, such as Behr's Ultra. If using a dedicated primer, you will want to have your paint associate tint it toward the final color choice. This will increase its ability to blank out the strong colors and increase  the quality of the finish color in general.


Of concern is whether the edges of the stripes will show through the paint as a visible ridge. When stripes are painted, either by free hand or through the use of tape, ridges result. These ridges can be several mlilimeters thick and be sheen as a noticable physical raised line. This is true whether you have "smooth wall" or textured walls.


On textured walls, it might result in having to re-texture the walls.


On smooth wall, you can try to reduce the ridges by sanding with sandpaper. The ridges can also be given a coat of drywall compound, sanded when dry, and then the edges wiped with a damp sponge to blend the resulting ridge into the old roller texture of the paint. ( drywall compound will dissove when wiped with a wet sponge, unlike pre-mixed spackling compounds).  Sometimes it helps to deliberately use an old, "raggy" roller cover to spot prime the patches in an effort to give texture to the too smooth patches. A subsequent general priming and finish coat will hopefully help hide the former ridges.


Hope this will have helped



Posted 2013-05-28T00:47:28+0000  by ordjen
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