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Strong Fumes from Latex Paint 2 Months After Painting

About a year ago, I bought a can of Behr Silverscreen paint from my local Home Depot, but I didn't end up using any until this June. I partially painted my living room/home theater with it, and it went swimmingly.

A few weeks later I decided I would benefit from some additional coverage, so I reopened the can and added some more Silverscreen to the ceiling and one of the walls. It went on normally just as before, but something apparently went wrong- even though the paint dried and looked fine, it never stopped giving off fumes. It has been 2 MONTHS since I painted, and the fumes are just as strong as they ever were. The first instance of using the paint, I did not have this problem. But for some reason, this latest instance keeps on outgassing with such an intensity that I dare not close my windows to put the A/C on, unless I want the sensation of breathing in pure paint.

I am desperately searching for a solution to this issue, as it is beginning to dawn on me that this could continue on indefinitely if I don't do something. And I don't want to have to keep my windows open this winter (I live in a one bedroom apartment, with only 2 windows).
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Posted 2017-08-22T22:31:42+0000  by Tsunami2 Tsunami2

I am not sure of the nature of that lingering smell. The sure fire way to kill odors emanating from painted walls, is to seal it in with an odor killing primer, such as Zinsser BIN pigmented shellac. BIN itself has a strong odor of grain alcohol when being applied, but it departs in a couple hours, totally sealing in any old odors. It is commonly used to seal in cat or animal odors which have gotten into flooring underlayment.
Conventional waterbased primers WILL NOT stop odors. There are a few  WB primers that claim to stop odors. KilzMax is one of these.
Posted 2017-08-24T03:47:58+0000  by ordjen
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