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Stuck Adapter

I have a issue, I decided to use my boyfriends tool box the other day to screw a screw back into my floor length mirror and I somehow got the screw thing stuck into the adapter. I swear I did not force it but that thing will not come out now. Any ideas on how to get it out? I've tried WD40 with no luck. Can I buy a replacement before he gets back in town?


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Posted 2012-10-27T16:54:33+0000  by ReeRae06 ReeRae06

Hey ReeRae.


I am sure your intentions were good. I am sure the tool is fine and we will figure this thing out. I am not quite sure what the screw thing is or what kind of adapter we are dealing with. If there was a picture to help me visualize these things, I could be of better assistance to you.


Maybe a neighbor could help get it off for you or you could put it back it the tool box and just claim no part of it. Send me some more specifics or a pix and we can figure it out.


You could take it into the store where our associates can fix it for you or get you a replacement.


Hit me back here and let me know what we are doing.

Posted 2012-10-28T17:28:50+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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