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Submersible Pump Question

I have a 3/4 hp, 8 gpm submersible pump that I intend to use with a use in a 20' shallow well.  It has a 1-1/4 fitting on thr top. I previously had ~300 feet of 3/4 inch pex installed to tap into a water line.  I am extending that to the well location which will result in ~550 linear feat.  I used a calculator to find the head loss from friction at around 60 feat.  The vertical distance..well + going around 100.  Since I already had the 3/4 pex I was just going to continue it up to the well itself where there would be 20 foot of 1-1/4 pvc.  I am concerned from what charts I can find that my pump will burn up because the 3/4 pex is too small of a diameter and the maximum flow rate is too low.  Anybody have any thoughts or advice?
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Posted 2017-08-28T17:21:28+0000  by Jerold Jerold
It seems like you answered you own question, the pipe is too small.  Get bigger stuff.  Looks like 1" pipe would run about $150 and 1 1/4" about $300.
Posted 2017-08-29T01:11:09+0000  by Adam444
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