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Substitute for Copper Pipes

I installed a washing machine in my kitchen using copper pipes for the water.  I have since noticed a minor leak under the kitchen sink and do not wish to solder the pipes again.  What could I use to replace the copper pipes, so as to avoid a leak in the future?


Thanks for your help.



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Posted 2011-04-25T16:04:34+0000  by jpowell51 jpowell51

Hi Jpowell51, This is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man,


First I have a couple of questions.  Are you using hose bibs and regular washing machine hoses? Or did you run the copper pipe all the way to the washer inlets?


Secondly, did you do any work under the sink when you installed the washer piping?


As long as you are using washer hoses, to isolate the washer vibration from the piping, you should have no problem. I would solider the pipe that is leaking, and not change out anything.


Copper plumbing when soldered properly can withstand quite a bit of vibration, without any problems for many years.


Copper pipe is still the best choice. Don’t second guess your decision, stick with what you have.


I hope this answers your question



Posted 2011-04-25T17:38:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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